Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2008 > 2009....so far

at least in 2008 i had some high hopes....

this really has been a pretty glass half-empty year so far.

first i get my salary cut in half, then two months later i'm dropped to part time. now i'm living off spam and eggs....and top ramen. if i don't find myself either another part time job to make up for the extra 20 hours or a new full time job at that by...say....november, then say goodbye to california john, hello to arizona/hawaii.

family issues are starting to arise and i just can't bear to see the frustration and unhappiness that are tearing my families apart. mom's getting divorced again, dad's still not talking to his sister, auntie's getting laid off 3 years before she retires, it never ends. times like this i wish i was with family.

how did i go from being an optimist to a pessimist? what kind of person am i that instead of saying, "look on the bright side," i say something shoddy like "oh well, shit happens." i never used to say these things before.

looking back at my old xanga postings, i used to be all cheery and perky (for lack of a better word), and ever since the real world, i'm so, so sad! and i'm really trying my damned hardest not to make this an emo post...really trying....

:trying to wipe away all the negativity: ....and then i spill my water all over my shirt. FML.

i think i need a dog. i'm 94.6% sure that a dog (or a cat) will solve all my problems.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

xanga was so high school....

now i'm hip because i have a blogspot!